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We are working with a global network of agents in order to provide you with door-to-door solutions for all your ocean shipments. Our team of experts and all our agents are strictly selected based on their skills and their knowledge. Thanks to this worldwide network, we can offer routings covering the different regions over the world. Our good connection with the carriers makes that we can also offer very good rates with the best possible service. Whether you’re looking for the best price or for the best service, we are the right partner for you!



Thanks to our good connections with the main carriers, we offer weekly sailings on the main trades. We will always looks for the most reliable option as we know that time is always a critical element for businesses. Thanks to our multimodal solutions, we are very flexible in transit time and prices. We can easily get your containers to inland container depots by rail or barge in order to cut your costs as much as possible. Is your shipment time critical? No problem, we have partner truckers in order to move your containers or full trailers as fast as possible.

Image by Tri Eptaroka Mardiana


Working with different coloaders gives us the flexibility to compare who would suits best your needs. We always check all costs that are involved, even at destination, in order to give you the best possible solution for the best price. As we have regular shipments on main trades, you’ll always have the possibility to add your goods last minute and get them exported quickly. Your customer will receive his goods from one of our reliable partners at destination in order to ensure a smooth delivery.



We know very well that some shipments are very time critical. You don’t always have the time to wait for 1 or 2 weeks before your goods arrive at destination. Therefore we also offer you airfreight all over the world. With same- or next day pick-ups, we can guarantee the fastest transit time for your shipments.

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